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'O stop, stop,' cried the Mole in ecstacies: 'This is too much!'”
-- from
The Wind in the Willows

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's all about Lincoln this week...

Given the buzz about Lincoln's 200th birthday next month and the new titles being published for children of all ages, this week it's all about Abe. Today we're featuring two new picture books and tomorrow two books for older readers that explore aspects of the 16th president's life. Plenty of Lincoln literature to go around for teachers of all grade levels and both children's and young adult librarians. Enjoy! -- Deborah


Anonymous said...

Thank you for having such a wonderful site. I care for a K-12 library and hope to receive at least one copy of the Lincoln books for the elementary students and one for the older students. Your website has been a great opportunity for me to ask students to help me out by reviewing the books and letting me know their opinions. I just can't thank you enough!!!!

Julia Pitau
Denair Charter Academy
Denair, CA

se7en said...

Hay! Nice to have you back!

Deborah Sloan said...

Well, such happy emails to end my day. Thank you, Julia and se7en. It's nice to be posting about new books again and the Lincoln ones seem ever so appropriate in this new year. Makes me so happy to know that you're all so appreciative of the books - and I'm sure the publishers (and authors and illustrators) feel the same way. Read the books, review them, share them with others, talk about them with fellow teachers/librarians, blog about them - and come back to the site to find out about books you didn't request but might be just right for you and your students/kids. It's all about spreading the literary love - and thanks for helping me do just that.