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'O stop, stop,' cried the Mole in ecstacies: 'This is too much!'”
-- from
The Wind in the Willows

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello on this Monday morning. I was looking through the blog and reading recent comments and thought that, since it takes a few weeks from the time books are posted until the reviews are published on the site, I'd remind you to take a look at a few titles that are getting some terrific response:

Seems that Carolyn MacCullough is brewing some magic with her young adult novel ONCE A WITCH. Be sure to hear what teachers and librarians are saying about it. And lots of 5 out of 5 ratings for 14 COWS FOR AMERICA, the story of a Kenyan village's gift to America following 9/11. Plus terrific response, though still early, for The Secret Life of Walter Anderson and Cora Cooks Pancit, the latter posted just last week.

What's being served at the Picnic Basket in the next week? A collection of charming short animal stories about friendship and memories that's been likened to Winnie-the-Pooh and a picture book full of rhymes to get kids moving and dancing. Stay tuned.


Peaceful Reader said...

I thought Once a witch by Carolyn MacCullough was wonderfully well-written. My thoughts are here http://tinyurl.com/lj67yy

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading Once a witch which I have found very delightful, entertaining, and well written. I will recommend this book to my middle school girls. However, I reserve judgement on recommending this book to fifth graders. I think this book is best suited for girls would be read the new series of "Twlight". This well written book presents difficult choices made by Tamsin parents and grandmother. This story teaches what everyone knows all the glitter is not gold and life presnts opportunities in which one make choices.


Stacey Dever said...

I thougt this was a great book to show how different people are in a family. We can see outward differences, but inward differences are had to see. The author uses the "Talents" to demonstrate those inward diffferences. This story also shows how a person's choice and influence the world around them. Kids have a hard time grasping that their actions cause effects. This was a fun and easy read. Can't wait for the next one to see how the story unfolds. I would rate this a 5.

Anonymous said...

Tamsin thinks she is normal girl, but through her experiences in the book learns some interesting facts about herself. I believe this book is best suited for high school age or some mature junior high students. "Once a Witch" was an interesting read. I give it four stars.

Lisa Kennedy said...

I recently purchased 14 Cows for America because I missed out on the review copy. It is certainly worth the price I paid. To think that people so far away who have so little would give such a grand gift to the American people makes for an amazing story. I adore the author's other work but I believe this book will be the one I'll remember forever. I will certainly enjoy sharing this story with my students The common denominator among all people should be a demonstration of concern and 14 Cows for America is a wonderful example. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story Mr. Naiyomah and Ms. Deedy and to Thomas Gonzalez many thanks for the beautiful illustrations. They truly made the story come to life. 5 out of 5!

spmdmom said...

14 cows brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful lesson in compassion for us all.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Once a witch by Carolyn MacCullough and loved the story. Tasmin is a strong carachter and her underline romance with Gabriel with delight girls her age.Tamsin has spent her whole life on the outside wishing she fit in with her family. She's clumsy and awkward but has the perfect older sister who will one day take over the family business of finding lost items through their bookstore.
Gabrielle Gambill
Holmes Middle School
Colorado Springs

Anonymous said...

Once a witch by Carolyn MacCullough gets 4! It is well written and will be off the shelf once it gets talked about at junior high and high school.

Natalie H. said...

Great book! Looking forward to the sequel! 5 stars!