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'O stop, stop,' cried the Mole in ecstacies: 'This is too much!'”
-- from
The Wind in the Willows

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's thinkings...

Here's who and what have been on my mind this week (besides Laura Rennert's dinosaur book):

My friend Deborah Heiligman -- because her incredibly well-researched and well-told biography CHARLES AND EMMA:  THE DARWINS' LEAP OF FAITH (for ages 12 and up) was nominated, yesterday, for a National Book Award.  There's been so much written about this book, but I love this quote from a review from the Chicago Tribune:  “Suppose you, the reader, are 12 or so and don’t know if you care about the history of science or whether British naturalist Charles Darwin, author of “The Origin of Species,” was controversial in his time or in ours. In “Charles and Emma,” Deborah Heiligman will make you care…. Great for young readers to watch scientific work as a personal project: no lab assignments given, no deadlines other than self-imposed.”

If you've read CHARLES AND EMMA, let Deborah know (no writer ever hears it often enough) by sending her a tweet (@dheiligman) or drop her a line on her blog as she loves to hear from readers and is happy to talk with students, teachers, librarians... bookies of all types.

...this week's KidsBuzz authors Kathleen Benner Duble, author of QUEST; Carolyn MacCullough, author of ONCE A WITCH (which has gotten fantastic reviews here at the Picnic Basket); Susan Kuklin, photographer for BEAUTIFUL BALLERINA; and Suza Scalora, author/photographer of EVIDENCE OF ANGELS.  They're sharing the stories behind-their-stories -- and offering some signed copies, too.  Get 'em while they're available via KidsBuzz.

And, if you're looking for books for book groups, check out the latest edition of Kidsbookclubbing, too. Info on how to invite authors Amy GordonCarolyn MacCullough, and Kathleen Benner Duble to speak with your readers -- plus discussion questions, reviews, and more.

... plus INKTHINKTANK.COM, a new website/database that connects nonfiction books for children and teens to national curriculum standards.  So if you're looking for books to teach a particular subject or supplement what you're doing, this site is chock-full of suggestions about titles and authors to fit any subject.  Also includes additional resources like helpful articles and studies, and bios on each of the award-winning writers with info on their availability for presentations.  "INK THINK TANK fills an important gap in the world of reading and kids. Whether you are an educator, librarian or parent looking for engaging non-fiction books for kids, this is the place! And the incredible part is that the information in each listing can be presented to your students by the authors themselves. You can find books to feed a child’s passion, or thought-provoking information about the world of non-fiction books, including lots of suggested titles, for Pre-K through 12th grade in this one place." —Cathy Puett Miller, President, TLA, Inc. AKA The Literacy Ambassador®.  I couldn't agree more!

Plus let's lift a glass and toast to all the National Book Award finalists, children's and adult books. I know my to-read pile is growing and growing... 


campbele said...

Thanks for the link to InkThinkTank. I get so caught up in review fiction, that I forget about these important books. Not only are there students who prefer to read nonfiction, but they bring education to life!

Cathy Puett Miller said...


I'm flattered but I'm not the president of the Texas Reading Association - it's TLA, Inc., an independent literacy consulting firm. Great postings and I.N.K. is terrific!

Deborah Sloan said...

Oh thanks for the correction Cathy! I've made the change in the posting. Glad you like what you've found here at the Picnic Basket and hope you come back and share your thoughts on a few titles with us. Just subscribe to the RSS feed to get alerts when new books are added.