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The Wind in the Willows

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrate National Library Week, Day 4: Amy Hest, Carolyn MacCullough, G. Neri and Mitali Perkins talk it up

Last year, during this celebratory week, 4 authors -- Amy Hest, Carolyn MacCullough, G. Neri and Mitali Perkins -- offered their memories, stories, celebrations.  They're so telling and varied and interesting that I want to share them with you again.  After all, this stuff never gets old.

(and a former New York City public librarian):
"I will never forget the day I got my first library card -- it was green -- and the thrill of signing my name -- oh, so carefully -- at that tall (and scary) desk as the librarian looked on, and my mother. Doors were opening ..."

Carolyn MacCullough, author of Once A Witch (September 2009):"My first job that came with a real paycheck was in the town library. I was a shelver. For four hours a day, three times a week, I made an endless loop of the shelves where I tucked books back into their proper home. If I could empty a cart in less than fifteen minutes, I let myself have five minutes to duck down in some semi lit corner and dive deep into whatever book I was reading at the time. Surrounded by the smell of ink, and the rustle of thousands and thousands of pages, it was then that I decided librarians were some of the luckiest people on earth."

G. Neri, author of Surf Mules (June 2009):
"When I first moved to Temple Terrace, Florida from Los Angeles 6 years ago, the local library was the first place that made me feel things were going to be alright. They had a great collection and super friendly people, and after I learned how to order from the Hillsborough County’s online catalogue, I found I could get virtually any book, DVD, or CD my heart desired, no matter how obscure. As I got to know the people who worked at my branch, they knew of me not as the author, but as the guy who had the most interesting holds waiting for him. Since then, they’ve come to know me as a writer and the guy who has 20-40 books and DVDs checked out at any given time. I love my library."

"I’ll never forget my first jaw-dropping visit to the Public Library in Flushing, Queens. I was seven years old and a newcomer to America, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. All of these books, for me, for free? My sister took me back every Saturday, without fail, so that I could hunt down and consume story after story — a habit that helped me survive life as an immigrant kid, and still keeps me sane to this day."

Anyone else? Come on... share stories of your favorite librarian or library or library experience with us!

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Peaceful Reader said...

So many great things begin at the library! Great to hear these stories.