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'O stop, stop,' cried the Mole in ecstacies: 'This is too much!'”
-- from
The Wind in the Willows

Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet the authors -- and enter to win some free books for your class or library!

New titles coming to The Picnic Basket next week for sure!  While I'm reading and writing up the basics and learning the story-behind-these-stories, you can still meet new authors and have the chance to win some free books for your class or library.  Head over to KidsBuzz to hear more from the authors!  You'll meet:
Laura Rennert, author of BUYING, TRAINING, AND CARING FOR YOUR DINOSAUR, who tells us "There is a Dino for every kid and a kid for every Dino!"  Can you guess which dinosaur she finds best for adventurous librarians?
- Barbara Dee who brings us "smart, fun characters" as she talks about friendship, school and families in her tween novel THIS IS ME FROM NOW ON.
- Adrienne Sylver, author of HOT DIGGITY DOG: THE HISTORY OF THE HOT DOG.  Need I say more?
- Amy Kathleen Ryan, author of the teen novel ZEN AND XANDER UNDONE, about sister love.
- Wouter van Reek who, as a child loved science and math and inventions and drawing.  See how this led to his creative picture book, COPPERNICKEL, THE INVENTION.  Plus, take a look at this award-winning animated short: 

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Peaceful Reader said...

I watched the whole little movie short...thanks for sharing. It is going to inspire me this morning.