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Friday, October 29, 2010

No T. Rex in the Library • Picture Book

No T. Rex in the Library
by Toni Buzzeoillustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa
Available now • McElderry Books • Ages 4 - 8

It's Tuesday morning in the library.
Tess is out of control.
"Time out!" Mommy shouts."No beastie behavior in the library."
Tess snarls.
She snorts.
"Just ten quiet minutes, Little Beastie," says Mommy. "And then
 I'll be back for you."
Books tumble, topple, flop on the floor.
"Ooops," Tess says, "The books . . ."
She gasps and grins.
She grips a claw.
And then . . .

(from the book)
Story: When Tess misbehaves at the library, Mommy puts her in the time out chair, promising to return for her in 10 minutes. But Mommy doesn't count on Tess tipping over her chair, or the chair tipping over the book cart, or the dinosaur book falling open.  And what else can Tess do when she sees that dinosaur claw reaching up from the page?  Join Tess on a library romp on board the back of a T. Rex.  She proves, beyond a doubt, that you can find ANY kind of adventure in your library books.
Story behind the story:  As a teenager, Toni started writing and worked her first library job as a ”page” shelving books at the Dearborn Public Library before taking her first full time job as a library clerk at age 18.  From there she continued on as a Children’s librarian before writing children’s books, so she’s a bit of a pro when it comes to library adventures.

Toni Buzzeo is the author of such books as Dawdle Duckling, illustrated by Margaret Spengler and The Sea Chest, illustrated by Mary GrandPre. She has previously collaborated with Sachiko Yoshikawa on Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything. Toni lives in Maine, and you can visit her online at www.tonibuzzeo.com.
"A lively introduction to the multitude of stories and topics found in a library with an emphasis on the importance of book care and library etiquette, this will especially appeal to active youngsters. Good for home, classroom and library use." - Kirkus

“This picture book with its roars, snarls, yells, and other sound words celebrates a child’s imagination as she spends a little “quiet time” at the library. Children who have a hard time keeping still during story time are such to appreciate this action-packed tale." - Marya Jansen-Gruber, Through the Loooking Glass Children's Book Reviews

"Maybe it's just me, but I don't really like how certain types of books get so split over gender lines.  There are exceptions, of course.  You might find a girl train book here or a boy ballet book there.  But girl dino books?  Few and far between.  Toni Buzzeo aims to change all that.  Out comes No T. Rex in the Library, illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa.  Plot as such: Girl is out of control in the library (we all are familiar with that particular scene) but when she opens the pages of a book, a dino with no manners escapes.  Can she make him behave?  Mebee." - Elizabeth Bird, A Fuse 8 Production, SLJ Blog


Kristen said...

I would love a review copy!! for my son hes in jk he would love it!


Carrie said...
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janette said...
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Anonymous said...
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Deborah Sloan said...

Hello everyone -- sorry it's taken me a while to respond. I've heard from the publisher who is checking on what happened with the books (said they placed the order to ship them), so it may be that you'll be getting a New Year's present! Thanks for your patience.

Deborah Sloan said...

To answer the query about whether this site is turning into an iPad app review site, no -- we love books and are all about sharing stories for children. That said, there are some wonderful stories that are being created for digital mobile media and when appropriate, I'd like to share those too. Some are created only for iPad, but many for iPhone, iTouch and also Android devices. I've hard of schools that have iPad labs and others that have received grants to use iTouches for teaching, so I feel that when I have the chance to share an app that I feel might work for schools or libraries, I will. But do not fear: many more books coming in 2011! Happy holidays to all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! I look forward to reading and writing more reviews in the New Year.Season's greetings!

wordwarrior said...

Just received a surprise in the mail, a charming book called No T. Rex in the Library. No T. Rex tells the story of a little girl who is rather rambuncous in the library and is instructed to calm down, by her mother. She then imagines a T.Rex in the Library doing the same things she did. No. T. Rex is a fun story for the younger child or a person with a short attention span because it is a quick read. The book would be a great preschool read for a library reading actvity. I would rate the book, No T. Rex in the Library a 4 and reccommend it for young readers.

B Ready to Read said...
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B Ready to Read said...

Little Tess is a terror in the library and during a time out she suddenly finds herself on the back of a T Rex creating more havoc in the stacks of the childrens section. Tess' love of books helps her realize the T Rex's destructive nature and it all comes to a "quiet" resolution. I think No T Rex in the Library would be a fun book to introduce PreK and Kindergartners to visiting the library. While the prose is a bit cryptic for the youngest book lovers, children over the age of 3 will be drawn in by the energetic artwork that will foster much discussion about behavior in the library. This is another fun book for dinosaur book lovers. I would give this book a picnic basket rating of 4. This would be a nice addition to a library collection for a school or public library.

Lisa said...

This is a very entertaining story which young children would enjoy. It is a fast moving story, but thw language and words portray a lot of excitement. The differences in font size and the illustrations make the book visually appealing. The vocabulary was great with many, many examples of powerful verbs. This would be a great book to share with children just for the entertaining content, but also to discuss word choice. I would share this book with kindergarteners and first grade. Children a little older would also enjoy it and probably appreciate the use of interesting language. I would give this book a 5 rating.

Pat said...

No T.Rex in the Library is a great read for the young crowd (K-1). The main character, Tess, gets a taste of her own medicine as she tries to tame the misbehavior of T.Rex in the library. This book needs to be read with intonation and excitement as the dialogue begs to become real. I know that it will be a favorite read by many in our school library.

Anonymous said...

Just received No T.REX in the Library. I loved it and think the students will too. I enjoyed how the dinosaur roams the Library causing problems in the different sections of the Library. For K-1 I give it a 5.

M. Battista said...

What a fun read! I liked the energy and the overall good feeling I had when I was done reading it. The kids at our school devour anything with a dinosaur on it so it's sure to be a hit.

Rating: 3.5

Denair Elementary School
Denair, CA

Heather Hill said...

"No T.Rex in the Library" would be a great story to share with students just learning about proper library behavior. The colorful and imaginative illustrations will draw kids in to the story. I appreciated that as "out of control" as Tess was at the beginning of the story, she has gotten a taste of her own medicine and settled down a bit by the end of the story.

This will be a popular choice in any library or classroom. I give it a 4 out of 5.

Heather Hill, Reading Specialist
Enterprise Elementary
Woodbridge, VA

Lemon the Duck said...

No T. Rex in the Library has such "Pow" illustrations! The colors are so vibrant and scenes so fun, you'll want to revisit it again and again. This book is a great read-a-loud but kids will want to put their own spin on it too. What a way to introduce proper library etiquette and consequences of one's actions. Teachers can use this book for modeling word choice lessons such as vivid verbs.
This book may be a bit jarring for some preschoolers.
I rate this book a 4 out of 5.
Laura Backman
Hathaway School

Mary Lou said...

This book is a hit with children because T. Rex is out of control. Children giggle, ooo, and awe over the escapades of the rambunctious dinosaur. The vocabulary is rich with words like hoisting, thrashes, and synchronized. The illustrations complement the story. Children will want to hear this story more than once. I give this book a 5.

Mary Lou
First grade teacher