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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hogg, Hogg, and Hog • Picture Book

Hogg, Hogg, and Hog 
written and illustrated by Margie Palatini
Available now Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Ages 4 and up
Get your oink on!  A modern fable of right and wrong, honesty and character.  
Story: Hogg Hogg and Hog have everyone in the Big City OINKING! These three city pigs are the trendsetters of the city--but when oinking loses its luster, they need to come up with the next big thing...and fast.  What will happen when they run out of fashionable ideas? 
Story behind the story:  "Is HOGG, HOGG, & HOG what happened to The Three Little Pigs when they grew up? One thing for sure …  HOGG, HOGG, & HOG are very big pigs.  They have fame!  They have fortune!  They’re walking the ‘Pink Carpet!’ These three pigs have everyone oinking!," says author Margie Palatini."But, fame and fortune can be fleeting, and one day everyone just gets plain old tired of saying “oink”. Those three pigs aren’t so very big any more.

How they get back their ”mojo” and the lessons they learn about honesty, character, working together with others, and sharing makes for some very teachable moments, as well as laughs and knowing grins.

HOGG, HOGG & HOG is a modern fable of ‘right and wrong’, dedicated to everyone who not only dreams big, but understands the best way to get there."

“…a satire of contemporary pop culture…exudes physical comedy and urban glitz.” - Publishers Weekly

“…digital collage is eye-catching, if not exceptional.” - Kirkus 

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Anonymous said...

The book arrived today! My first graders were extremely excited and anxious to help with the review. The illustrations were big enough for all to see which is always a plus. However, the story was very confusing for them. They had trouble understanding exactly what was happening. Although, they listened attentively they just didn't get it. I had to spend time explaining the story to them. This storyline needs some introduction and "scene" setting before the initial read. I rate this one 2/5.
Not one I'd recommend for purchase.

Anonymous said...

After reading this book, I decided to share it with my 6th grade reading class. We have been analysing picture book for the past few months for figurative language, theme, and appropriatness of the illustrations. The students had difficulty understanding the book and what the purpose of the writing was. They did understand the lesson that was being taught, but felt that it needed more figurative language to help with the understanding. They liked the illustrations. We all gave the book a 2 out of 5 in our picnic basket.

M. Battista said...

I love Palatini's work, but this isn't one of my favorites. It's cute and a little funny, but lacks the kid appeal and punch that I expected. I know our students will enjoy the illustrations, but I believe some of the plot will go over their heads.

Picnic Rating: 3

Denair Elementary School Library
Denair, CA

Anonymous said...

I just received "Hogg, Hogg, and Hog" since the book was delivered after our last day of school.

I have to say I was greatly disappointed in this book. I had several teachers and even my own child read this book. It left us all scratching our heads.

I have to give this book 1/5.

Carrie Blagg
Phoenix, AZ