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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who doesn't love a sale? Especially one that helps build your (digital) library...

If you're a fan of bestselling, super-creative pop-up master David A. Carter (author of ONE RED DOT) or seriously silly kids' poet Alan Katz (author of SMELLY LOCKER, silly dilly school songs), listen up: Ruckus Media Group announced special Back-to-School pricing of $0.99 per app on its entire digital library of 15 apps starting tomorrow, Friday, August 26 through the Labor Day weekend, ending Tuesday, September 7, 2011. The discounted pricing offers parents and students the opportunity to enjoy bestselling and award-winning interactive storybooks for iPad, iPhone and iTouch at savings of more than 50% off the regular price.  

“We’re always looking to provide our customers with tremendous value, but especially so as they kick off the school year,” says Jim Young, COO, Ruckus Media Group, “We’re thrilled to be able to help families grow their children’s mobile reading library with more affordable educational and entertaining digital experiences.”

Each Ruckus Media app features distinctive interactive elements that allow children of all ages to experience a story through an array of sensory-driven activities.   

Reading readiness begins for preschoolers and young children with stories featuring their favorite Hasbro characters, Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul, as well as the Parents’ Choice Award and About.com Readers’ Choice Award winner, A Present for Milo, with more than 80 touch-interactive objects that initiate more than 125 animations. Toddlers and preschoolers can learn their colors with Spot the Dot, a dynamic, eye-popping game and the first app from pop-up master and New York Times best-selling children’s book author David A. Carter.  Elementary schoolers learn to read and master use of language with Best Apps Ever Award finalist, Andrew Answers from bestselling author Alan Katz, while science-curious kids will learn all about the rainforest in Rainforest Survival Challenge, created with the Stepping Stones Museum for Children and the Rainforest Alliance.

As Rick Richter, Ruckus CEO (and and former President of Candlewick as well as Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing) says, “The goal of Ruckus is to combine the most creative minds in children’s media with tremendously exciting new mobile devices. We’ll be satisfied when a mom or dad can hand their phone or tablet to their child without one ounce of guilt, knowing that the experience the child is about to have will entertain them, challenge them, perhaps make them giggle, and be utterly satisfying.”  Here's to all of the above!

The entire Ruckus Media library of 15 interactive storybooks can be found on iTunes for $0.99 from Friday, August 26 through Monday, September 6, 2011.

PS Teachers and librarians -- Ruckus would love to hear how you use interactive storybooks with your students.  Share your thoughts on apps, what works, what doesn't, what you look for in an app, how you share them with the kids, if and how you incorporate them into your lesson plans or programming, and more by commenting here on the Picnic Basket -- and Ruckus will send you a sample for your Apple mobile device (25 samples available on a first-come, first-served basis).  


LifeLongLearner said...

We have six iPads in our elementary library. I just downloaded Spot the Dot for student use this year.

Last spring we used "A Present for Milo" and then followed the digital storytime with this activity:

Activity 1- Use an object such as a small stuffed cat (named Milo). Ask students to sit in a circle. Put a chair and a box in the center of the circle. Go around the circle asking each student individually to follow your directions. For example: "Please put Milo under the chair." or "Please put the Milo in the box." or "Please put the Milo in front of the chair." Vary it by using a students name, "Please put the Milo behind Michael" or "Please put the Milo beside Ann."

I am so eager to try more of your sample digital stories with our elementary learners. Our digital library is ready to grow.

Margo Jantzi
Teacher Librarian in Virginia
We survived an earthquake and hurricane this week!

A. Cann said...

Our school was very eager and pleased to have the opportunity to use the app, "A Present For Milo"! The children loved the bright animations and cheeriness of the book. They enjoyed participating in the interactive activities, and wanted to us the app over and over again. As an educator, it was very exciting to watch their little eyes sparkle with excitement, and as a reaction to what they were learning. We will look forward to more fun & exciting titles in the app store!

Thank You for the wonderful gift of, "A Present For Milo!"