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Monday, August 27, 2012

ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY: Dragon Dreams Chapter book (illustrated)

by Laura Rennert  illustrated by Melanie Florian
Available September 13, 2012   Dial  Ages 6 and up
She's sporty, funny, and brave -- meet the one-of-a-kind Princess Emma!
Story: Emma is not your typical princess. She dislikes pink, would rather play soccer than go dancing, and secretly dreams of being a dragon rider. And so, when she hears the news that dragons in the kingdom are becoming ill, does Emma quietly wait around for her fairy godmother to save the day? Of course not! She makes a plan to solve the dragon mystery herself. With a helping hand from her best friend, Rapunzel, and a surprising new pal, Emma might actually manage to save her favorite mythic creatures...and possibly even the whole kingdom.
Story behind the story:  ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY is Laura Rennert's second book (her first, a picture book, BUYING, TRAINING AND CARING FOR YOUR DINOSAUR, was illustrated by Marc Brown -- yes of Arthur fame!) and I spoke with her about  the "why" behind this one: "Lots of girls go through a princess stage. My daughter Emma was no exception. First, Em adored everything princess-y, and then she wanted to be the least princess-y girl ever. This funny, relatable switch inspired ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY, DRAGON DREAMS.

Princess Emma comes from a long line of princesses (some of whom you'll know). She’s in her first year at the Academy, and, with the All-School Princess Contest looming, she doesn’t have a lot of faith in herself, because she is not your typical princess. For starters, Emma has a secret: she really wants to be a Dragon Rider!

Girls will root for and relate to Emma. She’s sporty and funny and still finds a way to be royally and truly herself. 

I love talking to kids, librarians, and booksellers, and am available to do events in person or via Skype." 

When she's not working on her own books, Laura Rennert puts on her agent hat -- she thinks of herself as a "literary omnivore" and specializes in all categories of children's books, from picture books to young adult, and in up-market women's fiction and narrative nonfiction. She represents award-winning and best-selling authors, including #1 NYT bestsellers Ellen Hopkins, Jay Asher, #1 NYT bestseller and Printz Honor Finalist Maggie Stiefvater, and National Book Award Finalist Kathleen Duey, as well as brand new, first-time authors.  You can connect with Laura via Facebook -- and to read a bit about what she has to say about agenting and writing, take a peek at mediabistro.com, A View from the Top, and Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog Cynsations.



N Mills said...

Royal Princess Academy: Dragon Dreams, what a wonderful book! I have two "princesses" that would have loved this book; they both were afraid of making mistakes, played soccer, loved to read, and still are clumsy. What a wonderful way to show it is okay to be yourself.

5 out of 5! Please write more!!

Pat Hensley said...

This book was an adorable book and worth having in the elementary school classroom. The illustrations were cute and I think it would draw kids to the book. For the classroom, this book opens up many topics for discussion. They would include: Being different, peer acceptance, being yourself, never giving up, be willing to try, and problem solving. It was a fun story to read just for enjoyment also. I enjoyed this book and would definitely give it a 5 out of 5!

Barbra Hesson, elementary school librarian said...

Readers will be able to relate to Princess Emma, who is funny, sporty, and very unprincess-like.

When she discovers her beloved dragons are getting sick she sets off with her friends to find a cure.

Filled with cute drawings, this great first chapter book will appeal to girls ages six to eight.

Louise Stearms said...

The ROYAL PRINCESS ACADEMY will certainly appeal to young readers who want to read about interesting female characters. This easy to read chapter book will be fun for many young girls to read.

Heather S. Hill said...

"The Royal Princess Academy - Dragon Dreams" will be a favorite with girls just starting to read chapter books. Though there is plenty of "princess" in the story, the story is not just "princessy". This series would be a great read-aloud in a first or second grade classroom to get them started on the series. I can't wait to see what else is in store for Princess Emma.

A 5 out of 5 in my picnic basket.

booktoo said...

illustrated by Melanie Florian

It is time for a twist to the Princess stories and Emma, great- great- granddaughter of Snow White, is the right one to begin the new tradition. Emma is a feisty princess who wants the adventure of riding a dragon rather than ballroom dancing. She competes in the Royal Academy’s All School Princess Contest and the fun begins.
The playful illustrations by Ms Florian add dimensions to each chapter.
Emma is clever strong female character which young readers will enjoy.

Anonymous said...

This book is making its way from one third grade girl to the next. They love it! They each love to tell me how much they are like the main character. They are anxious for a sequel! 5 stars