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Monday, October 21, 2013

Franklin the Turtle books ▪ Picture books, early readers

Franklin the Turtle books
by Paulette Bourgeois  illustrated by Brenda Clark  
Available now  Kids Can Press  Ages 3- 7  
Everyone's favorite turtle returns for a new generation of readers!
Story: With over 65 million copies sold worldwide in over 30 languages,  Franklin the Turtle is every young child’s friend. Children instantly connect with the big-hearted turtle’s sense of adventure and enjoy watching him work through familiar problems and solving them in his own way and making everyone feel good. Many of the Franklin books help children identify their own feelings, fears, and anxieties (whether real or imagined) as featured in stories about going to school, dealing with bossy friends, hospital stays, class trips, having a bad day and many more common childhood experiences and milestones.  
Story behind the storyPaulette Bourgeois, a former journalist and occupational therapist, had wanted to write children's books but was waiting for that idea. Well, it came from the TV show
M*A*S*H, she said in an interview. "Alan Alda's character, Hawkeye, tells Hot Lips that he can't go into a cave for protection from heavy bombing because is he so claustrophobic that if he were a turtle he'd be afraid of his own shell.  The next morning, I wrote the story of Franklin, a turtle afraid of crawling into his shell because of 'creepy, crawly things.'"  And the rest, after working with publisher Kids Can Press and illustrator Brenda Clark, is history.

No matter a child's age, reading level or interests, there's a Franklin story for all types of readers:
Bring Franklin to your school, library, or book festival!  Submit your request for the Franklin costumed character.

Download activity sheets including coloring pages, word searches, matching games and how to learn Franklin's secret handshake.



Laura Miller said...

I just received my copy of "Franklin's Christmas Spirit" and as always, it was a delight. Franklin wants to go Christmas caroling but he is disappointed when he can't find anyone to go with him to carol. But, being Franklin, he learns that if you want to do something bad enough you should just do it. I really enjoyed the dynamic illustrations and felt the interest level of the artwork and story were able to not only hold a child's attention but entertain as well. I would definitely recommend the book and give it a 4 out of 5.

MB said...

I received -Franklin's Blanket- by Paulette Bourgeois. It was as charming as I remembered. Franklin loses his blanket and has trouble going to sleep. Where he eventually finds it is sure to get a few giggles out of young readers.

Picnic rating: 4

Turlock, CA

Susan said...

I received The Adventures of Franklin and Friends. It's a collection of 8 stories that are sure to please any Franklin fan!

JSherman said...

I received a copy of Franklin in the Dark. I enjoyed the soft and lovely illustrations as always. It is a sweet story about over coming fear. I think it would be great to use to help explain accommodations to students, so they understand that we all have things to overcome and we all need different tools to be successful.